Faq's about Proforma Software

How to register?

Click on Register link and provide the company information, the registered email address will get the reference number which can be used as login with email & Password.

After Registration?

Upon Successfull registration system will send the Reference Number in the email which can login and download the Software.

How to install the Proforma Software in your systems?

Before/After Login, access the following link and click on install. The application will be start downloading into your local system. Once the application is installed in your system then input login details.

Steps to follow before start the invoicing

  • Activate the financial Year
  • Provide company information in more details
    like GST, Company Short Name, email address etc.
  • Add the Customer Details.

Can I see the GST report?

Yes, can access the GST total report by month / multiple months and can download as copy in your local system.
And see the total GST TAX amount need to pay.

Can I edit the invoice number?

Yes, invoice number is editable for all the inovices.

Can I edit the invoice date?

Yes, invoice date is editable for all the inovices.

How to add customer/Vendor/Client

Just click on Create Customer button to add the Customer details with all the details, like GST, PAN Card, Address etc.

How to upload the company logo?

Access the Login and upload the logo.

Can I add multiple branches/buyers for a client/vendor/customer

Yes, can add mutliple braches/buyers details for each customer. During invoice creation all buyer/branches will display in the dropdown list.

Adding different GST Tax within the same invoice

While adding the products in the invoice, the GST Tax is free input. So, can add any percentage as input. The Calculation can be done accordingly.

Installation help

Follow the Link to see the guide/help to install.